About Us

BNB Tech

is an Oklahoma based corporation specialized in providing computer consulting to businesses and home users. We provide our clients with the expertise and experience that is usually only available to large corporations. Our commitment to quality and to our clients sets us apart from our competition.

Our Mission
  • Certified and experienced technicians for all your service needs
  • The very best personal and professional service
  • The most cost effective, innovative, and timely solutions available
  • The highest level of customer service

Our Story

BNB Tech, originally known as Bits N’ Bytes Computers, LLC., was founded in 1996 by our Owner/President Tony Hernandez. He recognized a lack of high-quality hardware and service providers in our community and sought to fill that gap through the work of expert technicians and a customer-first mentality. From humble beginnings in a small bedroom, we have grown substantially and fought hard to maintain the level of dedication and quality of service that keeps our clients coming back.

Why Choose BNB Tech

Our technicians are all experts in their field and provide professional, personalized information technology services. Their years of experience and knowledge of general business operations allows them to provide consulting advice and assistance that can be of great benefit to you and your business.

We will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with the most cost-effective, innovative, and timely solutions available. Period.

Awards & Certifications

No Excuses...

I started BNB TECHNOLOGY in 1996. I've always loved Technology, so IT seemed to be the perfect fit. Technology is always adapting and changing, so it takes someone that enjoys the constant chaos of the evolution of technology; plus I love to help people and provide solutions. As a Solutions Provider, I realize that our clients have many choices and that we are trusted to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions, provided in the timeliest manner.

With that said, BNB Tech has grown over the years with many, many clients that have been with us practically since day one. As a business owner, my promise to you is that I will NEVER take your business for granted or get complacent that what we do is "good enough". Our business is constantly growing, wholly due to the family of loyal clients that believe in and employ us. As our "old" motto used to say, "No Excuses" still rings true today, some 18 years later..."

Tony Hernandez / President
BNB Technology