Backup Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Unexpected Disasters Happen.

Is Your Data Protected?

Did you know...

that 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year?

We won't let that happen to you. We can help keep your business going during situations as small as power outages to major disasters like fires and tornadoes.

Do you know...

the average small business experiences six outages each year?

Every second of downtime costs you money. Our new Backup Disaster Recovery Plan allows us to get you back up and running within minutes.

Your data is crucial to your business. We understand that and can help protect it!

We can ensure that all of your data, software, and any other installations on your servers and/or workstations are backed up in multiple redundant data centers across the country. If disaster strikes, we have optional plans that can recover and restore your data immediately to get you back up and running.

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Datto, the latest in business continuity solutions, is able to spin up a virtual machine of your servers and PC's on the network in case of a failure, malware/ransomware attack, human error, or even natural disaster.

This means that within minutes, you can continue working as if nothing had happened while BNB fixes the error!

With a dual backup system, all of your information can be accessed from anywhere at any time through the Datto portal, even if your business is underwater!

Here's How Datto Works Better

*"BDR / BC" = Backup Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity

BNB Disaster Recovery and How They Work

Other Backup Comparisons to Datto

Capabilities Other Standard Backups BNB Datto BDR / BC
Cloud Protection Offers Cloud Protection BNB with Datto offers Cloud Protection
Local Protection Does not provide local protection BNB with Datto offers Local protection
Restore ALL Files & Applications Can not restore your files BNB with Datto can restore ALL your files and applications
Instant Local + Cloud Failover Does not offer instant local or cloud failover BNB with Datto offers Instant local and cloud failover
Ability to Prevent Downtime Does not have the ability to prevent downtime BNB with Datto can prevent any downtime
Typical Recovery Time Hours to Days Seconds to Minutes

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